Good Product Designers, Great Product Designers

What makes designers stand out and become role models?

Typography stating Good vs Great Product Design

Good vs Great Product Design


Good Product Designers document specs and design requirements that lead to an organized hand-off to engineering, with attention to detail.

Communication & Presentation

Good Product Designers actively participate on design critiques to review and challenge their design decisions.


Good Product Designers are outstanding individual contributors. They feel comfortable taking end-to-end ownership of a feature.

Interaction Design

Good Product Designers are fluent in prototyping as a way to render and test their solutions.


Good Product Designers rely on insights from UX researchers to guide the design decisions they make, as well as validating assumptions through concept or usability testing.

Product Strategy

Good Product Designers work closely with Product Managers to learn about business priorities and constraints.

User Interface

Good Product Designers thrive when being provided with style guides, design systems or libraries to render their design concepts.


Good Product Designers are mindful of the technical assumptions they make while developing a solution, and run their designs by engineers to reduce uncertainty.


Being a Great Product Designer is aspirational; we should never stop pursuing excellence. These guidelines should not be considered as written in stone or silver bullets, but rather signposts to follow by emergent product designers willing to up their game, myself included.

Product Designerd @zenput. Mochaholic. Stoic. Everything we design is designing us in return.

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